Hunter vs Aigle vs Le Chameau Riding Wellies

If you love your wellies and you’re looking for a new pair, you’ve come to the right place. It means you’re already familiar with their advantages, for horse riding or any other activity you prefer. Because good riding wellies should be as comfortable for walking as they are for riding, you don’t have to compromise.

Or maybe you don’t really trust rubber and the first thing coming to your mind when you think about equestrian boots are definitely not wellies? But that’s why we’re here, to advise on the best boot for you, and wellingtons certainly deserve to be taken a look at. Who can say, maybe till this review is over, they’ll manage to win you over and we’ll actually help you choose the perfect wellies to keep your feet dry.

Aigle Women's Miss Juliette Duo BootAigle Women’s Miss Juliette Duo Boot, a stylish 100% waterproof boot with a mid-sized heel which, when you’re not on a horse, you’ll easily be able to take out for a walk in the city. High quality natural rubber top and long-lasting rubber soles. Read more about it here.

Riding Wellies with History

Wellington boots got their name from The Duke of Wellington, which modified the hessian boot to a form similar to that of today’s wellies. 200 years later, the name just stuck, because why not? It’s a brand in itself and people know what to expect when they look for Wellington riding boots.

Modern wellies started their journey in the 19th century, when the vulcanization process was invented, being exclusively made of leather until then. That’s when Aigle first started, but Hunter was only behind by a few years, because World War I started and a great number of rubber boots became necessary. Hunter produced over one million rubber boots just in WWI, with its mills running 24/7.

Limited Edition Wellington Boot

Jimmy Choo and Hunter welliesJimmy Choo and Hunter even collaborated on a limited edition black wellington boot, which says something about their notoriety and importance in the footwear industry. Simply walking down the street, you’ll find it difficult not to notice a pair of Hunter riding boots on someone passing by every few minutes.

Hunter Women's Original Short BootHunter Women’s Original Short Boot, an inspired remodeling of the already established Original boot. These wellies are made of lightweight rubber, with a synthetic rubber sole providing ideal traction on all terrains. Rain or snow can’t beat these! Read more here.

Several footwear manufacturers produce what we now call riding Wellies, the largest, and maybe the best, being Hunter and Aigle. Aigle if a French huge and old company, another giant that produces boots for more than 150 years. And they still make their boots by hand, at their 30 hectare site from Ingrandes, France. In comparison, Hunter has already externalized most of its boot production to China, but how does this affect quality, if in any way?

Handmade Wellingtons in Style

Right now you’re probably thinking, what about Le Chameau?
We didn’t forget about them, we just left the best at the end. Le Chameau have history spreading over close to a century of fine bootmaking. A single person starts and finishes each pair of boots, in a blend of traditional and innovating boot making techniques, that every bootmaker learns by intensively training for nine months.

Le Chameau Giverny Women's WellingtonsLe Chameau Giverny Women’s Wellingtons are a tall natural rubber boot with logo shield at front shaft, contrast-trimmed opening, and bi-density and abrasion resistant multi-directional lugs outsole. Stylish and rugged at the same time. Read more about it here.

Best Riding Wellies?

So who makes the best riding wellies? Let’s make a comparison and review some Hunter, Aigle and Le Chameau riding boots to see if we can reach some consensus.

Aigle is one of the best in the world in the production of high quality equestrian and hunting boots (Ecuyer and Parcours), and holds the position of European market leader in the production of nautical boots.

Hunter boots have been worn by all kinds of famous people, from Queen Elizabeth II to Kate Moss, proving not only functionality, but also great form. Fashion is not lost on them.

Le Chameau were the first to equip a wellie with a zip and a leather lining, their innovations not stopping there. They maintain a tradition of producing premium riding boots.

Le Chameau Women's Cavalier Tall Equestrian BootLe Chameau Women’s Cavalier Tall Equestrian Boot, a knee-high equestrian boot standing on a 1″ high heel. With a diamond-tipped anti-slip grip, this natural rubber boot looks gorgeous as a waterproof riding wellie. Quality material and excellent fit. Read more here.

Old and New in Equestrian Boots

The 1853 founded French company, Aigle, produces rubber riding boots of similar quality with Hunter. They’ve kept it in the family and their workshops have a long tradition of making wellingtons, each boot requiring 60 production steps and 2kg of rubber to reach the end product.
They’ve brought countless improvements to the classic wellington boot: a triple density anti-fatigue sole with twice the standard of energy absorption capacity, neoprene insulation and temperature maintenance lining, a 350 Newtons resistant upper, and many more.
As you can see, Aigle puts effort into their wellies, and they’re worth testing to see how they fit you. Check out our pick here.

Aigle Miss Julie Short Riding BootAigle Miss Julie Short Boot come closer to fashion boots than anything else. Elegant, with removable straps and a leather tab pull as a finishing touch, these wellies are another pair of beautifully hand made rubber boots. Side embossed branding signals the quality of what you’re wearing. Read more here.

The Royals and The Wellingtons

In 2008 Hunter were forced to move production from Scotland to China due to financial difficulties. They hold two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and they stage frequent catwalk shows to present their new collections. They still make a fine pair of city wellies, but how do they fare with equestrian boots? They claim to create designs for performance, and this seems to stand true when they’re sponsors to several boat competitions. If it keeps you dry while on a boat, we’d say chances are you won’t get wet on a horse either.
But don’t believe our word, try a pair.

Hunter Womens Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain BootHunter Womens Original Back Adjustable Gloss Rain Boot, natural rubber in shiny finish, with back buckle to easily adjust fit. These tall wellingtons will fit perfectly if you have wider calves, and they’re guaranteed to not let you down on a healthy rain. Read more about it here.

Equestrian Tradition

As our favorites, Le Chameau are a small boots producer and they can’t compare with big names in numbers. Aigle, for example, produce around 10,000 pairs of shoes every year. But this is because Le Chameau manually work every pair of boots, which results in a lengthily process that also produces exquisite results. This didn’t go unnoticed, and Kate Middleton was caught wearing a pair of Le Chameau Vierzon on several occasions.
If you’re not only looking for quality and comfort, but also to stand out in a crowd, these are the wellies for you. Our recommendation for best Le Chameau wellies comes with outstanding reviews.

Have you made up you mind? If not, browse our for more riding boot articles, we promise not to leave you barefooted.