Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot review

A new kind of boot has appeared on the market. This time these riding boots are a specially designed pair for competitions, or just for schooling or showing if that’s what you need. This Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot review will go in depth on this boot, a stylish while maintaining the traditional competition dress look boot. The laces are also present, which adds to a more classic feel. However, the ladies will find the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot not only beautiful but also practical for their trainings and competitions.

Tough grain leather equestrian boots

Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot reviewThe Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot is made of top quality materials. The upper part is made out of full grain leather which provides long time use. However, many customers have complained about the stiffness of the leather. Their expectations were not met when it comes to the softness of the full grain leather. Therefore, customer reviews have repeatedly brought up the uncomfortable feel that the ladies don’t appreciate, which is due to this stiffness. Give it time! The leather takes a few wears to become softer, and its shape eventually takes after the owner’s calves. So, you might want to give the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot some time until assessing it thoroughly.

Traditional show ring

The Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot maintains a classical show ring dress style that all the ladies who are riding are used to. However, there are a few accents that make this boot a little bit more special than the rest. The rear zipper adds more style than laces. Don’t get me wrong! The laces are also present in the front of the ankle but do not serve for closing the boot. They are there just for the look. This is why the back zipper is so important. It’s full length and makes the entry so much easier and faster than the regular laces. In addition to this, the zipper presents at the top with a leather flap safety that closes with a snap. All these make you look tidy and ready for shining in the competition.

The leather flap over the zipper is imprinted with the company’s logo (the Dublin logo). The popper had to add a little more style to your boot and is decorated with the Dublin Horse Head Emblem.
When it comes to the upper part of the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot it is as simple as possible. No decorations, no imprints or other adornments. It’s just a plain leather part which is a perfect match for any dress riding shows.

The Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot has a slightly decorated toe which is a plus for any lady out there who wants to buy something a bit different. If you are looking for a riding boot that is a traditional style but at the same time has some distinctive accents then the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot is the one for you. It ticks all the boxes.

Comfortable and durable riding boot

The Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot is a perfect boot for equestrian riding. Comfortable and at the same time sturdy. It packs good quality spur rests that will come in handy when riding a horse whether it’s in a competition or just in the dressage arena. At the top you will be delighted to find the elastic gussets which give you all the flexibility that you want. It also allows the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot to stretch to your claves’ size. The zipper is bordered on both sides by elastic bands. This provides a long lasting wear for the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot. These boots will keep your feet warm no matter how much you are wearing them in the cold due to the lining that is covering the inside.

The Dublin RCS+ outsole and foot arch support

dublin equestrian boots comfortThe Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot has a distinctive outsole that is meant to protect your feet from injuries. The outsole is enhances with the Dublin RCS technology.
But what exactly is a RCS+ sole? Well, the Rider Comfort System Technology is the innovative idea that the Dublin Company recently brought to its products. It consists of multiple layers of cushion which will eventually form the sole. Each layer has its own specific property. For instance, the first layer is a sweat controlling lining that helps keep your feet dry and warm all the time. The next layer acts as a cushion being made of foam. This will bring you comfort and the outsole won’t feel so tough. There is also a cushion for your heel that helps with the impact and absorbs it. Last but not least, the final layer cups your heel and supports your foot arch. The inner sole will remember your footprint and will be a perfect match for you. There is also an anti odor component due to the anti microbial and anti fungal material used for this layer.

The outsole for the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot is flexible enough in order to allow a good range of movement when riding. Moreover, it’s made of good quality rubber that provides long lasting wear and resistance to barn acids. One of the greatest pluses of the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot outsole is that it is anti-slip. The RCS+ outsole technology gives you the comfort that you need and the insulation that you are looking for. No matter how much you are wearing the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot, all the 7 layers of the sole will offer you constant support and padding. Soon, this boot will become your indispensable riding competitions dress boot.

For a bit more style, the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot has a punched toe cap that will definitely represent your shine in the show ring. Your riding skills will be perfectly complimented by these amazing boots. Mixing traditional with feminine style, the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot is among the most sought after riding boots. The quality full grain leather and the RCS+ outsole are the main characteristics that you will notice from the very first contact with the Dublin Monarch Ladies Field Boot.