Boots and their types of shaft scallops

Double Dip Scallop

By design, boots come with the shaft ending in a collar called a scallop. The function of the callop is to prevent the boot from pinching your leg when you take a step.
We can only guess it’s called like that because, in most of its open types, its form resembles an opened scallops’ shell, taking the form of a deep letter “V”. But that doesn’t mean flat scallops are not common, and we’ll see in a minute what those are called.¬†

Scalloping is not boot exclusive, and the term is also used on leather shoes, where it’s represented as a wavy cut, with wavy edges, on some of the shoes’ components.

Impressive scallop designs can be met especially on cowboy boots, where they can be stitched, deep or shallow, taking many colorful forms, while others are only lightly decorated. Some scalloped collars also house the pull straps.

An image is worth a thousand words, so let’s see what types of scallops we can meet on boots.


single dip scallop
This classic full V-shaped scallop is also called a dip or single dip scallop.

Stove Pipe Scallop
Stove Pipe Scallop – it resembles an old fashioned stovepipe, mostly used on motorcycle style boots.

Roller Coaster Scallop
The Roller Coaster Scallop imitates a roller coaster ride with its wave stylish pattern

Las Vegas Scallop
Las Vegas Scallop on this original custom design boot showing playing cards.

Double Dip Scallop
Double Dip Scallop shows a second smaller dip complementing the main dip.

Gaucho Scallop
Gaucho Scallop – A variation on the double dip

Shallow Scallop
The Shallow Scallop is what you would call the reverse to a deep scallop

Cavalry Scallop
The Cavalry Scallop takes an out of the ordinary form, being inspired by Civil War uniforms

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