Mountain Horse Riding Boots

Mountain Horse Winter Riding BootsFirst time I heard about Mountain Horse, a few years back, I remember it brought back memories from one of my first hikes. Somewhere at 6,000 ft, after already hiking for several hours, together with my colleagues we ran into a pack of amazing horses. I was expecting sheep, as shepherds often take them at these altitudes, but not horses. As one can expect from horses that live in the mountains, they were really majestic, and left an impression on the then younger me.

It’s easy to see why my mind made the analogy between those strong horses and Mountain Horse. Because you won’t find any more durable winter riding boots that look this good.

These top equestrian bootmakers started their journey in Sweden, and built their first Mountain Horse winter riding boot in 1988. They needed a boot that can withstand the cold winters from their homeland, and they achieved even more. They’re now present on 5 continents and the quality of their riding boots speaks for itself.

They place their customer on a pedestal and their goal is to satisfy every performance-driven rider, whether they prefer wooded trails or the show ring. Wearing Mountain Horse equestrian boots will show you what a durable riding boot should really be like.


What are the best Mountain Horse riding boots you can buy?

Mountain Horse Women’s Protective Jod Shoes review (see more details)

Mountain Horse Women's Protective Jod ShoesA classic pull-on protective jod from Mountain Horse, this relatively cheep riding boot represents a standard in riding safety. It meets al EU CE requirements for protective boots. While its oiled full grain leather is waterproof, its steel toe cap has been tested to 200 joules, providing energy absorption of seat region, penetration resistance, and incorporating antistatic properties.

The outsole is resistant to acid and corrosive substances, with a built-in 850° forged steel shank that provides sturdiness and comfort. These are lasting boots, designed for safety and long-term use. Wearing them for hours will not leave you with any discomfort.

Mountain Horse Active Winter Rider review (see more details)

Mountain Horse Active Winter Rider ShortDid you ever get to keep and use a pair of boots for more than ten years? No? Well, buy these winter riding boots and you’ll get to live new experiences. And I’m not even exaggerating, the Mountain Horse Active Winter Rider Boot comes with a long-lasting upper (tested to withstand one million flexes) and an unbreakable YKK Vislon side-fitted zipper for easy and fast pull on and pull off.

Made with Duralon and Extensia, with faux fur insulation. These boots will not only fit you well and keep your feet warm, but they’ll also make your hard work easier.

Mountain Horse Ladies’ Sovereign Field Boots review (see more details)

Mountain Horse Ladies' Sovereign Field BootsTrue to size riding boots, from very soft and supple flexible leather, these superb and timeless equestrian field boots will fit the form of any leg, with no break-in being required. Using an exclusive and revolutionary Prolaze-Flexnotch technology for the heel, you will notice an improvement in heel position and comfort. The durable zipper ends in a snap keeper at top, and is accompanied by hidden elastic along the sides, for a more comfortable fit. Riding and walking will greatly benefit from the improved stability offered by the integrated tempered steel shank.

Best full grain leather riding boots on the market, ideal for schooling.

Mountain Horse Supreme Ladies Field Boot review (see more details)

Mountain Horse Supreme Ladies Field BootThese Spanish cut top equestrian boots are ideal for shows if you want to spare them, but why would you deny yourself the pleasure of wearing them all the time? With a graceful and classic design, they can provide all day and all around comfort.

But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean they lack the technology that makes a Mountain Horse boot exquisite. A wider designed steel shank, gel absorbing technology on the sole, stirrup control equipped outsole, ergonomic removable EVA-insole. Spur rests. A complete riding boot, simply a bargain. It’s difficult to go wrong with anything that Mountain Horse builds.

Mountain Horse tall boots

Mountain Horse riding boots are durable yet stylish, and most of the time they fit right out of the box. No trial and error needed. They’re the kind of boots people will ask you about on horse shows, and you’ll only have good things to tell them. Though, to be honest, it’s hard to find someone that has bad things to say about what Mountain Horse produces.

A standard in winter riding boots, these are considered the best boots for keeping feet warm. Dirt-repellent outsoles provide traction in snow, mud, or on ice, 100% waterproof leather keeps you dry, and the elasticized panel on the zipper provides a comfortable individual fit; these are just few of the many benefits you’ll be able to discover in these boots.

Mountain Horse boots come with a built in steel shank for increased stability, and faux fur lining to ensure warmth in any cold environment.