Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot review

Choosing the right boots can be daunting. You should pay attention to your body type when picking the right pair. However, there is one boot style that fits everybody. The knee high boots are perfect whether you are a slim tall girl or a curvy one. If you wish to buy comfortable equestrian inspired footwear then you should definitely opt for the flat boot with a short heel. A one inch heel should be perfect for you even if you spend the whole day standing.

Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot equestrian riding boot equestrian riding reviewAriat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots are the boots that you are looking for. Comfortable, stylish and with an amazing price tag. It has plenty of great customer reviews all over the internet. So liked that you can even find girls that loved the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot so much that they decided to order the same boot in every color available. This already speaks volumes, but let’s see a few ground aspects of Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot.


The Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot is made of genuine leather. Not any kind of leather. We are talking about good quality leather. It’s smooth and hugs you calves and feet. It not too rigid, which would have made you feel trapped when wearing them. The leather is so soft that you can hardly feel them. The shaft falls over when you take them off. That’s how flexible and soft the leather is. However, when you put them on they keep their shape, which is exactly what a good pair of riding boots should do. You would like them to maintain the shape that you see in the pictures, don’t you? Nobody wants a pair of boots that have wrinkles especially around the ankles. It just doesn’t look right. The Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot wraps around your calves and feet in a beautiful way. You can wear them with jeans or skirts and feel and look amazing with them on.

When choosing a pair of boots you shouldn’t check out only the leather. The sole of the boot is equally important. Ariat is keen on making its products as comfortable as possible, therefore, they made a synthetic sole for its product to go with a duratread outsole for maximal comfort. The duratread is Ariat’s exclusive rubber compound. It makes the outsole last longer than any other type of rubber used for outsoles. Moreover it provides great wear resistance which means that you won’t be spending cash on new riding boots any time soon. The outsole’s durability comes with flexibility so as to maximize comfort. A rigid outsole makes your feet ache if you walk for a long time. The flexibility is a key aspect when it comes to comfortable footwear.

As if all the above wasn’t enough, the Duratread outsole is also resistant to barnyards acids. So, no matter where you end up walking you can rest assured that the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot is up to the challenge.

Comfortable footwear

We already established in this review the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots are one of the most comfortable boots you can purchase. This is due to many reasons. The flexibility of the sole, the Duratread outsole and the one inch heel are the key components that bring you comfort. All these three combined, along with the special design of the boot will make the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots a must acquisition for equestrian enthusiasts.

Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot reviewIf you are looking for a pair of boots that will treat your feet heavenly even though you’re on your feet 10 hours daily, then look no further because the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots are the ones for you. The special design of the sole allows for flexibility as well as endurance. The pressure points of your feet won’t get hurt as badly as they used to when standing or walking for a long time. There are teachers that claimed that Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots were the most comfortable boots that they have ever worn, so that should tell you something.

A classic riding-style boots

Maybe you like metallic or shiny accents on your footwear more often than not, but a classic knee high boot is a must have and it goes with every outfit. The Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot is a classic cut boot that enables you to dress however you want. You can wear a skirt or a dress or even leggings. You can be elegant or smart casual or even with a western feel when wearing this Ariat. It matches every style perfectly.

For the sake of diversity, these can be sometimes found in Raven, Mulberry or Caramel color. Given the fact that they are among the top sold boots, you can be sure that they will receive a lot of compliments from people.

The full length back zipper adds a lot more style to these classic Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boots. So, the boots are definitely easy to put on. The fact that they are double stitched makes them long lasting.

Size chart for Ariat riding boots

Like with any other footwear purchase, the size is a key to a comfortable satisfying acquisition. Therefore, if you purchase the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot online you should know how to measure your foot in order to choose the right size. Amazon has a Size Chart button on each boot’s page, if you buy from them.

Moreover, you should know that the Ariat Women’s Midtown Fashion Boot Shaft measures approximately 16.5″ from arch and that the boot opening is around 15″. These measurements are important since for a tall woman these boots won’t be knee high and for a short woman they might be even over knee.

Lastly, if you wish the boots to be tight around your calves you should take the boot opening into consideration. Those of you with narrow calves might not be looking like you were wearing riding boots.